Department for Management of Information Technology Systems in MF

Duties and responsibilities of the Department for Management of Information Technology Systems are:



  • Design policies, procedures, projects and strategies for smooth and qualitative operation of IT in MF;
  • Design and implement policies and technologic procedures consistent with those of the organization to ensure efficient operation of individual departments;
  • Implement policies and guidelines designed by the MoF, in accordance with the legal framework;
  • Prepare annual work plan and planning for implementation of new projects, maintenance of existing systems and planning of the necessary hardware and software for MF;
  • Cooperation with department heads in terms of design, implementation and maintenance of policies, objectives, short and long- term planning;
  • Monitoring, management and maintenance of the network, systems and applications of the ministry;
  • Cooperation and coordination with the IT unit at Customs and Tax Administration in order to implement joint projects of general interest to the MoF;
  • Cooperation and coordination with DGAP - MPA and other institutions in the field of IT.
  • Department is headed by the Head of the Department who shall report to the Secretary General. 
  • The Department has the following divisions:

-          Division of IT infrastructure;

-          Division of IT Operations, and

-          Application Management Division.