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Duties and responsibilities of Property Tax Department are:



  • It carries out annual inspections to ensure that municipal property tax is administered in accordance with the law, and that municipalities remain certified to collect taxes;
  • It analyses sales contracts, assesses and collets data by the Ministry in order to assist municipalities in efficient administration of property tax;
  • Supports Municipalities by monitoring the property tax administration;
  • It provides uniform assessment standards for the entire Kosovo and ensures that they are implemented;
  • It provides assistance for municipalities in their efforts to collect and complaints as well as provides analyses to inform decision-makers;
  • It implements new management system for administration of property tax; 
  • It supports the activities and prepares new municipalities to be certified for property tax;
  • It develops property tax software;
  • It enters rates and prices into system, annually;
  • It approves the access to the system;
  • It records payments into the system, electronically;
  • Reviews the request sent by expropriating bodies, valuation of immovable subject to expropriation procedure;
  • It reviews requests received during the valuation process of immovable property subject to expropriation procedure, by the owners, interest holders, stakeholders(or persons acting on their behalf) who are affected by the expropriation process;
  • Inspects immovable property which is subject to expropriation proceedings;
  • It Supervises and verifies the legality of the assessment reports prepared by external experts;
  • It cooperates and collects data on the property subject to expropriation proceedings by public or private authorities.
  • Compiles the final act of assessment.
  • Head of Property Tax Department shall report to the General Secretary.
  • This Department includes the following divisions:

-          Division of Valuation of Property for Expropriation;

-          Inspection Division

-          Division for Assessment and Standards, Program Development and Operations


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