Department for Economic, Public Policies and Financial Cooperation

Duties and responsibilities of the Department for Economic, Public Policies and International Cooperation are:
  • It drafts macro - fiscal policies to support economic development, fiscal sustainability and growth of citizens’ social welfare;
  • It compiles macroeconomic and fiscal forecasts for the mid-term period in order to determine the overall macroeconomic framework and overall budget parameters;
  • It compiles macroeconomic part of the Mid-Term Expenditure Framework and Budget Book;
  • It prepares alternative scenarios to evaluate losses/ gains as a result of proposals to change the tax rates, reduction and other proposals coming from the government;
  • It continuously follows-up trends of tax and non - tax revenues and analyses tax matters;
  • It cooperates with local and international institutions, in particular the International Monetary Fund, European Commission and World Bank;
  • It negotiates agreements for the eliminating double taxation and other arrangements for free trade; 1.8. It publishes research papers on specific economic issues;
  • It assesses programmes, appropriations, and other spending policies including analysis of alternative budget appropriations;
  • It analyses the economic impact of planned strategic documents in the national economy and their fiscal implications.
  • Head of the Department for Economic, Public Policy and International Cooperation shall report to the Secretary General.
  • This department shall include the following divisions:


-          Macroeconomics Division;

-          Division of Fiscal and Public Policies;

-          Division of International Financial Cooperation.