Budget Department

Duties and responsibilities of Budget Department are:
  • It improves and coordinates budget policy formulation to ensure a better linkage between policies and resource allocation, increasing the efficiency of public spending, fiscal discipline and higher transparency in drafting and implementing the budget;
  • It prepares draft Kosovo Budget ;
  • It prepares Mid-term Expenditure Framework;
  • Implements Kosovo Budget;
  • It assesses financial impact of Government policies and legislation;
  • It assesses the requests for changing budget appropriations;
  • It advances budget system, budget procedures and strengthens institutional capacities for developing and modernising budget system;
  • It prepares required documents for budget process;
  • It manages Budget Development Management System (BDMS) and Public Investment Programme (PIP) in cooperation with IT;
  • It advances the reporting manner and analytical use of information regarding the budgeting according to performance;
  • Provides advices for fiscal policies and supports professionally Budget and Finance Committee within the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo;
  • It assists budget organisations regarding the preparation, execution and monitoring of their respective budgets;
  • It analyses and prepares recommendations for the Ministers in terms of transfers and other submissions related to budget appropriations.
  • This Department shall have the following Divisions:

       -  Central Budget Division

       -  Municipal Budget Division

       -  Division for Budget Executation and Systems

      -  Division for Budget Policies, Coordination and Reporting