Central Department for Public Private Partnership

Duties and responsibilities of the Central Department for Public Private Partnership are the following:
  • Provides assistance and advices to PPPC, Ministry of Finance and other public authorities for all Public Private Partnership oriented activities;
  • Gives recommendations regarding the legal, regulatory, institutional, policy framework on PPP;
  • Develops and announces procedures and standards based on best international practices;
  • Analyses and gives opinions on the sustainability of project proposal and prepares recommendations for PPPC and Public Authorities;
  • Delivers information regarding PPP programme and individual projects;
  • Involves stakeholders and public campaigns for PPP education;
  • Coordinates activities regarding PPP activities in all economic and social sectors.
  • Head of the Department, for his operative work shall report to the Minister whereas for his administrative work shall report to the General Secretary.

For more information visit: www.pppkosova.org