Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers


Hekuran Murati was born on November 7, 1987.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Business Management at the American University in Kosovo, while his postgraduate studies in Investment Management at Hochschule Bremen & University of North Carolina Wilmington, with a focus in International Finance.

Mr. Murati has extensive experience, especially as an activist and independent analyst, where he has been recognized for his activism and analysis of many major issues. He worked in the Ministry of Finance as Public Debt Division Lead and then as a consultant at the World Bank. He also worked at the Central Bank of Kosovo.

In the elections of October 6, 2019, Mr. Murati was elected as a member of the Assembly of Kosovo. Throughout this legislature, he has been the Chair of the Committee on Budget and Transfers, a member of the Committee on Economy, Employment, Trade, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Investments, and a member of the Committee on the investigation of the privatization process in Kosovo.