Treasury was established by UNMIK Regulation in 1999. With the establishment of the Central Fiscal Authority in December 2003, after the establishment of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and drafting of the Law on Public Finance Management and Accountability, Treasury is located and functions within the Ministry of Finance.

Kosovo Treasury is responsible for the management of consolidated fund of Republic of Kosovo, as well as fulfillment of all liabilities which have been granted pursuant to the Law No.03/L-048 on Public Finance Management and Accountability, Regulation (QRK) No.06/2014 on Organization and Systematization of Positions of Kosovo Treasury and other bylaws into force. 

Pursuant to the Law on Public Finance Management and Accountability, Treasury acts with substantial autonomy and is responsible among other even for the organization and its personnel and it is managed by General Director, who directly reports to the Minister of Finance.

Scope and liabilities of Treasury are classified in four key fields of activities, which are managed by Deputy Directors, pursuant to the activities and certain responsibilities:

  • Cash and Public Debt Management
  • Operations and System,
  • Accounting, Reporting and Monitoring
  • Administration and IT


Scope of Treasury can also be summarized as follows:

  1. Manages the execution of Budget of Republic of Kosovo (BRK), by allocating funds under the Cash Flow of Budgetary Organizations, and through practices of Single Treasury Account,
  2. Manages bank accounts of BRK inside and outside of the country,
  3. Manages public debt (internal and external debt defined pursuant to the Law on Public Debt),
  4. Establishes and manages accounting registers of BRK,
  5. Prepares financial reports for the Government of Republic of Kosovo,
  6. Through the function of Operations exercises its role in relation to Budgetary Organizations in collecting revenues and spending of public money,
  7. Manages Kosovo Financial Management Information System (KFMIS), and functioning of Treasury IT,
  8. Manages Payroll of all employees which receives wages from BRK and executes wages cheque in monthly periods,
  9. Based on established coordinating policies with MLSW, on a monthly basis executes social schemes for all social categories pursuant to the legislation in force,
  10. Organizes and manages Treasury budget and personnel.



For the purpose of carrying out the duties and responsibilities, the Treasury has prepared and approved a number of bylaws including procedures that are published in the Ministry’s website. Treasury also prepares and publishes various financial reports, and consolidates and prepares annual financial statements for the Central Government subject to audit by the National Audit Office. These reports are also published in the Ministry’s website.


The vision of Treasury is to achieve the best practices in the management of public funds by the Government of Kosovo through the implementation of the legislation in force, ensuring transparency, accountability and efficiency

Treasury internal organization

Treasury is managed by General Director, whereas in frame of senior management has four general deputy directors, each of them responsible on certain fields of activities. Within Treasury there are 11 Divisions systemized, including even Wages Division.  

Treasury senior management is composed by:

Mr. Ahmet Ismaili, Treasury General Director



Mrs. Medije Musliu, Operations Deputy General Director



Mr. Xhevat Zejnullahu, Administration and IT Deputy General Director



Mr. Nysret Koca, Deputy General Director on Accounting, Reporting and Monitoring



Incompleted position, Deputy General Director on Cash and Debt



Treasury also has Internal Audit Unit which is managed by Mrs. Ilirjana Gashi. 


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